22:11:35 Žabák Ahoj lidi. Koukám, jestli to tu žije.
17:12:24 fullskull and i need a tutorial of how fix it
17:12:04 fullskull i have an a trouble with the electric window system
17:10:58 fullskull hi
17:56:32 gazzer22 Does anyone know where the drivers door electric window relay is on a rover streetwise 1.4s
10:23:03 Srdjan Does anybody know where I can find the ignition switch to the rover 827 automatic
12:22:08 Cathy I lost my key for my rover city it has an immobiliser on does any1 know if this can be de-coded or where I can get new keys
23:22:35 talidance alguien habla español ?
23:22:23 talidance hola
16:09:57 Beetle1968 Batterie in the Remote control
18:54:05 sandra Hello I am Sandra, I have just had a Rover25, the fob worked ok on monday, i drove the car home on tuesday, all was still good, then thursday I had nothing, I opened door with key, ut couldn,t turn it on.
17:35:59 Beetle1968 one german/english Board are mg-rover.bayern/forum incl. Market
17:34:17 Beetle1968 For € 8 plus Mailing you can have a orginal Workshop from MG Rover on CD for 25/45/75/ZS/zr7ZT/MGF
17:32:35 Beetle1968 And if some here need some orginal Parts for the 200/25/ZS and 75/ZT tell me
17:31:35 Beetle1968 Thats from MG Rover orginal
17:31:11 Beetle1968 Hi Pablo maybe I can help you with a orginal Service Manual but this is for the RT 45
16:43:27 PabloPerticaro84 Hello, how are you, I'm looking for the complete workshop manual of the Rover 416 Fuel, Can someone pass me?
16:21:19 Rover35 If somewhere needs orginal parts for Rover and MG ask me on info@mg-rover.bayern
20:31:02 shindigman 2004 75, battery drain problem, need fuse numbers as the passenger side fuse board is different to the pic in my manual, the fuses are in a staggered layout pattern, the layout label is missing!
15:01:58 Carlevans85 Hi new to this but I pick up an mg zr 105 yesterday and the temp keep rising then falling but the head gasket has been replaced anyone have any ideas I'm thinking it's the water pump
17:59:19 manicmecanic Can antybody tell me what the cause could be please?
17:58:37 manicmecanic if i disconnect the wires at the front right and rear right wheel ( there are no other), the light is still on.
17:57:27 manicmecanic My brake pad wear light ( of a rover 75 diesel) is lighting up but the pads are'nt worn .
17:56:29 manicmecanic Hello everybody, i'm from Belgium so my english is not so good.i just joined the club and don't know very well how thing work but anyway i have a question that i hope you people can help me with.
19:27:01 Poza Hi there , i'm Rover 623 user
09:03:04 danny_plabu Hello, i bought a new face grill for my rover 200 ( see the picture) and im not sure i know how to install it. Can anyone please tell me step by step how to remove my old one and how to install my new one. Which screws needs to be removed and where are they located ? Thank you very much
17:54:50 olly37 Hi, I have a 2004 rover 45 and want to enter EKA Key. MAybe the manual isn't detailled enough. Can anyone describe the entry process in detail?
16:33:30 jomavafe I have a Rover 214 SLI 1994. The owner 's manuals disappeared . Can anyone dispense them in pdf format? Thank you
13:11:34 scuba22 hi . i bought an old car last week. rover 216 si 1998 .so i need manuals about it. repair manual and user manual. where can i find them.
18:27:15 deano hi just had my car 1.6 216si in to have my exhaust looked at they told me its going to cost me £130 for a front pipe dose any one know f that is about right
23:56:15 Turbo_820
00:55:55 Turbo_820 l m alone in here
00:54:21 Turbo_820 Hii Room
13:56:54 Tommi_82 arb0105: Typical fault of a Jatco gearboxes, needs a qualified service (aSaP).
11:10:41 arb0105 hello i have a rover 75 deisel automatic and am now having problems with the gearbox when it changes gear to 2nd and 3rd it jumps and pauses can antone help
14:24:39 max7821 hy everyone
22:13:44 welshman is there someone who knows rover parts shop in berlin?
22:12:41 welshman hi!
12:34:20 salcioglu rover 200 sunroof mechnism
12:33:44 salcioglu hi
19:50:46 Tommi_82 I had the same problem with my R214Si 1996 and I had to sold my car, the problems were unsolutable for me(I had to buy a new engine, so I made the decision that better is to sell a car and buy other)
17:34:28 Tommi_82 Hi, I think you can fill the cooling system just using the expansion tank and get the air out trhrough the bleeding screw on the upper hose.
18:45:37 Tommi_82 And you cannot be sure that the temperature is showing correctly,because you have no idea if the coolant circulates continuously.
18:42:59 Tommi_82 MMJDME: This could have more than one reason, i.e. blown head gasket, any coolant leakage and so on.