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2017-03-28 18:33:04 ZS Camshaft sensor fix

P0340 Error? Car won't start? Here's a Quick Fix! For Camshaft sensor.

The camshaft sensor on this car degraded with time (15 years old) and temperature (it stopped working hot). The car was stranded but after diagnosing the fault I was able to start the car and get it home by using this simple trick. See the video.

Ultimately a new camshaft sensor was fitted, but maybe this might help someone get their car home.

This car was am MG ZS 180 from 2001, but I suspect this fault could come up on many cars since most modern engines will have a camshaft sensor.

Here is where you find the obd2 scanner cheap:

On Amazon uk::

On Amazon USA:

See this video for reading the error code from the obd2 port. There's a cheap way!

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