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25 Heater fan fix

Forum Rover 25 25 Heater fan fix

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2017-03-28 14:52:31

How to Fix MG Rover Heater Fan - speeds 1 & 2  |  More info

UPDATE! New complete resistor unit:

How to Fix MG Rover Heater Fan - speeds 1 & 2

A very common fault this one, that is easily fixed. On older cars the heater fan speeds one and two often fail, due to the resistors burning out. This applies to most of the MG Rover cars of the 90's and 2000's so Rover 200, 25, 45, 400, MG ZR, ZS, MGF and MGTF.

Buy three bigger resistors of value 0.68 ohm and wattage 10 watts, from eBay or an electronics store. Or you could try here (UK) . Or (USA)

Most of the video here is an MG ZR, apart from the MG TF at the start but it is similar for all models. The MG TF took marginally longer due to the slightly more hidden location of the resistor pack. You need to remove a short vent pipe as well as the glovebox cover on that car.