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620 Window panel switches

Forum Rover 600 620 Window panel switches

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2017-04-07 19:08:28

What are the 2 switches for wich are additional on the windows operational paneel ??

The Manual says nothing about. Bought this car right now.

2017-04-10 09:26:54

Hi, try to upload a photo, maybe we could help

2017-04-10 09:32:29

e34e36: Yeah, thanks for reply. Will try to do it tonight.

2017-04-10 09:38:59

2017-04-10 13:14:51

And here is the photo of the curious Switches. If they are switched, they are with a green backlight.

2017-04-18 11:41:37

620si: They are switches for seat heating.

2017-04-18 13:31:51

Yes, that is probable, first I thought that it could be something with lights, but seat heating is more probable.

2017-04-18 16:28:01

o.p: Thanks for your reply. I thought also but was confused a bit. Seats doesn't heat.

2017-04-18 16:29:15

e34e36: Thanks alot for your answer. I thought also but the Icon on the Switch was misleading to me.