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Headlights with angel eyes- black chrome

Forum Tuning Headlights with angel eyes- black chrome

2009-09-07 13:59:46

Anybody ,

Where can i find those headlights...


Any links, that are not from the shops ih the UK are wellcome. (UK is to expensive for delivery )

2009-09-08 15:17:19

Hi ,

try to look at

Maybe may find cheaper postage

2009-09-08 15:27:05

How do you write on the forum next time, it will switch the language to CZ to get you all to see

2009-09-09 08:29:16

is there any online shop in CZ where i can buy them?

2009-09-09 09:26:49

Yes, there are more than one, in example here:

Both types(Black and Chrome) are in stock. But IMHO they are not certified for the right hand drive cars (UK) ...

2009-09-09 09:45:15

thank you , this is about 170 EUR right? i need them for LHD car... if you find more links, please add them

PS vč. DPH means with or without VAT (DPH)?

2009-09-09 12:09:49

Yes, about 170 E. It means with VAT (The VAT is included in the price).