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2010-03-31 14:02:06

Dear MG & Rover friends

I have uploaded the "Opravarenske manualy / Repair manuals" section already.

Please contact me if you have some other manuals & brochures.

Thanks in advance.

2010-03-31 14:07:16

Very thx for "214/414 owners manual", Rover coleague mr. Welshman

Cheers to Latvia, from Prague

2010-05-18 11:02:41

To the section ”Repair / Service Manuals“ added a new PDF document with color codes and color names applied to the MG & Rover from 1963 to 2005.


2011-02-27 22:32:22

Hello, Is it possible to get Rover 200 (1997) repair manual?

because files in "repair manual" didn´t open...

Waiting for answer.

2011-05-19 13:47:30

2011-06-08 09:46:49

Is there a Rover 75 1.8T Workshop manual available for download?

2011-10-19 04:58:43

Dear rover club members...greeting from Asia!

does some one can share owner's manual for rover 620 Gsi? will be highly appreciate, thanks