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2017-03-28 18:28:58

How to Fix a Seized Window Motor - MGF, MGTF, MG, Rover  |  More info

The window motor was seized due to a rusty gearbox and water ingress on an MGTF. Here we removed it, strip it and fix it. Easy enough if you have some basic tools and a bit of time. Some buying links below might help you get what you need.

I thing this might be quite common on old cars as it's caused by water from the window getting onto the motor and entering the gearbox, which then gradually siezes up.

Some buying links for tools and stuff:

Rubber disposible gloves are useful, to start you off here's the links for eBay USA:

And eBay uk link:

[url= on eBay UK[/url]

Polymer sealant for resealing the case mentioned:

on Amazon uk:

Amazon USA:

It's also useful to libricate the rubber seals with silicon lubricant so that the window doesn't drag too much. Here's some buying links:

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:

Here's a link to buy useful screwdriver bits on Amazon. Just scroll down the products and find a set with at least 60 different bits, some are 100 so even more useful than the one shown in the video.

On Amazon UK:

Or Amazon USA:

An angle grinder for cutting the case apart:

Amazon uk:

Amazon USA:

And nice thin cutting discs for the grinder:

Amazon Uk:

Amazon USA:

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Last note. Yep I misspelled seized on the title. Too late to fix now.