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ZS Detached car window pane fix

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2017-03-28 18:29:58

How to Fix a Detached Car Window Pane  |  More info

Car window gone all wobbly? Fallen out of the slots? won't go up?

Heres how to fix it, in this video. Save a load of time and cash and do it yourself when fixing it.

This happened on my MG (Rover) ZS, but is applicable to a lot of cars since all will have a clamp or link between the motor or gear and the glass which can come loose over the years..

Here's is a link to buy the polymer sealant adhesive mentioned:

on Amazon uk:

Or Amazon USA:

It's also useful to libricate the rubber seals with silicon lubricant so that the window doesn't drag too much. Here's some buying links:

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:

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